You Owe Us Your Greatest Life, Bring Your Piece

I have written this book out of the conviction that everyone was put on this earth, by God, to deliver a gift for the benefit of mankind as a whole. We are messengers on assignment from the Messenger. Our lives are not our own. We owe each other to become great. This is so, as no one has all the answers to the numerous questions that life poses. To the numerous challenges that life throws at us. To the full breadth of human potential. To wild and fantastic game-changing innovations.
We each hold a piece of the puzzle, a solution, an answer, an idea. It is only when we expose and place our pieces on the table and join them together that we can see a beautiful picture emerging.

The book aims to awaken the reader to the realisation that their life is created to count for something in this world. That they can no longer be comfortable in the mediocre. Interwoven into the principles mentioned in the book is my journey of awakening to purpose and the lessons that I have learnt.

It was this very awakening that led me to leave a career as a practising Attorney, Notary & Conveyancer (one that I had been building since 2002) to pursue my calling to be used by God to UNLEASH THE POTENTIAL OF OTHERS, through writing and speaking.

This book is a clarion call to people to deliver on that which was given to them by God: To ensure that no other dream, solution, invention goes to the graveyard! To take a step of faith, notwithstanding that they may be trembling with fear.

© Lwazi Dekeda 2020
Master of Ceremonies. Keynote Speaker. Host. Communicator.